Goldfish Aquascape: Rethinking

So the plan for the Goldfish Aquascape has changed once again. My rambling mind has thought of yet another idea that might work out better. Especially since I need to remain focused on learning the skill and art of aquascaping. Understanding the characteristics of aquatic plants and using that knowledge to continuously improve my aquascapes is the only way I’ll become a better aquascaper. Therefore, I don’t want burden of keeping goldfish in an aquascape to hold me back. To combat this, I want to the Goldfish Aquascape to be simplistic and beautiful while also being low maintenance to free up my time for plant study.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

I don’t want to have any soil in the tank because it is in the nature of goldfish to dig around in the substrate. This digging moves around the soil and makes it very hard to maintain any level of soil at a given moment.  With thin layer of sand as my substrate without any sloping banks, I’ll be able to shape the substrate to an even plane easily. 

Part of making this aquascape easy to work with is picking the right type of hardscape. I’ll also need to structure the hardscape in a way that I’ll be able to move around the aquascape effortlessly during maintenance. Unfortunately by having a flat substrate, I’ll essentially be taking out the depth in my aquascape. Making this an Island-scape would be my best bet. Having the flat substate will bring the island in extreme focus while allowing me 360 access around that aquascape. Although my depth is non-existing at the ground level, I can use my hardscape to separate the aquascape into planes; thus, depth without a sloping substrate. 

Let me not forget about the goldfish that will be living in this aquascape. I have to keep their health and well being in mind too. This is one of the reasons I picked sand instead of a pea gravel because it is easier for them to sift and root about. For the hard scape I’ll be using just a variety of round river rocks. Without any wood or sharp rocks, my clumsy goldfish won’t rip their fins or tear their scales off on rough surfaces. Since swimming space is important, having the island-scape will also give the goldfish 360 access to the aquarium. 

As for flora, I definitely have to consider the goldfish. We all know they will eat anything that is remotely tasty. Java Fern and Anubias are known to not be on the salad bar, so it only seems fit to put them in this aquascape. Especially since both plants can absorb their nutrients from the water column. Success… soil isn’t needed. As an added bonus, there are several varieties of both anubias and java fern so I’ll also be able to create depth by using a variety leaf shapes on the different planes. 

I did a quick Pintrest search for any inspiration I could find. Something with java fern, anubias, round river rocks, and sand was right up my alley. Take a look at the board I put together and continue reading The Greener Side to find out what happens next in my journey.