Goldfish Aquascape: Initial Breakdown

This probably should be called the plan for the scape breakdown, or really… what the heck an I going to do with all this left over material?

Usually aquascapers show the set up of a nature aquarium, but it is also very important to show a total breakdown. So exactly, what do you of when you’re ready to start over or throw in the hat?

First, I’ve asked myself, what am I going to do with the left over plants? Without a disposable income, throwing away plants is like burning cash for heat. So that is a no-go! Since I’m not going to be using these plants immediately it is important that I start a make-shift home while they await their future purpose. Sounds like I’ll be starting up a Farm Tank! 

Now that I’ve got the plants out the way what about the hardscape material? I’m figuring a good scrubbing and drying out in the summer sun will be all they need before being put away into storage. 

Onward, to the tricky task of what to do with the soil. I’ve thought about this for awhile and, just like the plants, it only seems financially smart to store the soil for later use. Now, should I store it wet or dry? We’ll see soon.

As for the equipment. Of course the tank gets a wipe down. I’m sure there will be a mess after I remove the soil. I really looking forward to thoroughly cleaning the canister filters. >.< But, I figured I might as well replace the filter sponges while I’m at it. 

Last but certainly not least (I am doing this especially for them), where am I going to relocate the fish during this entire over-haul? The goldfish will be sticking it out the rescape in a 50 gallon tank. To keep the water quality good, I’ll be using Seachem Prime along with water changes every other day. They’ve both done this before and know the routine. No worries. 

Now I have a rough idea of what I’ll be doing to make this breakdown as easy as possible for myself. 

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